2018 Frenchkit Videos

FrenchKit - Opening keynote

Going Prod with Server-Side Swift - Pim Stolk

Brew create - Max Howell

Why an Investment in Tooling Pays Dividends - Andy Bennett

Swift Strings Seven Ways - Mattt

We're Sure you're Going To Be Blown Away By This... - Jean-Michel ML

Tracking Concepts in the Zalando App - Kateryna Gridina

Automating your API Client Library - Jeffrey Macko

Building a Compiler in Swift - Nick Lockwood

Dependency Injection Patterns for iOS Apps - Yoichi Tagaya

Improving Your Developper Experience With Open-Source Swift - Dimitri Dupuis-Latour

ELDIM : From Research Laboratories to Mass Production lines for Apple - Vincent Leroux

Sharing Swift: writing code that scales - Florent Pillet

Developer Experience is the New Black - Egor Tolstoy

The Lost Art of System Design - John Sundell

Image classification in real world : Car rental damage report - Mathieu Hausherr

The Next 700 Devices - Chris Eidhof

Product Management for Independent iOS Developers - Dave Verwer

Answering the Existential Question - Sam Giddins

The Underestimated Power of KeyPaths - Vincent Pradeilles

Safe Injection - Jean-Christophe Pastant